National Food meets Ilonggo Comfort Food

The last time I checked, mango is our national fruit, bangus is our national fish and lechon is still the Philippines’ national food. And as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog entry, one of Ilonggo’s iconic culinary contribution to our Filipino cuisine is their La Paz Batchoy. While the batchoy is an original dish from Iloilo, Bacolod and the rest of the Ilonggo speaking region of the Visayas share the same pride in all their delectable regional creations. This week’s entry would like to concentrate on a unique Bacolodnon take on the Batchoy by Continue reading

The Pancit Peking Reality

On my third visit of Kong Kee restaurant in as many days in Iloilo, one may assume that it is already the Pancit King’s favorite pancit place in Iloilo. On contrary, I simply love trying out their full range of pancit dishes – dishes they invented, modified and named as their own such as the “No Name” and the infamous Ilonggo Pancit Sun Yat Sen (please see my previous post here). On this visit, I get to try Continue reading

Longing for Pancit Puso

When the Pancit King initially planned his Cavite roadtrip, the primary purpose is to try Pancit Puso. 5 years ago I also went to Cavite city hoping to try this dish. According to my research then, it is only available at Cavite city’s public market. Unfortunately when I got there, I was told that it is only being served in the morning. Fast forward to last week, I’m back in this city. This time, with fresh new research on a restaurant Continue reading