Refreshing Batchoy Anyone?

During the Pancit King’s recent visit of Iloilo, one of his objectives was to visit the province of Antique which is located at the other side of the Panay island. The objective: to try out another rendition of the Batchoy. While Batchon (batchoy with lechon) is to Bacolod, Buko Batchoy is to Antique. It is said that Buko Batchoy is developed in the town of Bugasong, a town a little farther from Antique’s capital of San San Jose de Buenavista. Travel time by bus would take approximately four (4) hours excluding the waiting time. While the distance on the map may not be that far, the road connecting the two provinces would circumvent the whole south of the island passing through all the Southern towns of Iloilo. Since my Iloilo trip’s main purpose is for a religious conference, the Antique visit will have to wait for another time.

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National Food meets Ilonggo Comfort Food

The last time I checked, mango is our national fruit, bangus is our national fish and lechon is still the Philippines’ national food. And as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog entry, one of Ilonggo’s iconic culinary contribution to our Filipino cuisine is their La Paz Batchoy. While the batchoy is an original dish from Iloilo, Bacolod and the rest of the Ilonggo speaking region of the Visayas share the same pride in all their delectable regional creations. This week’s entry would like to concentrate on a unique Bacolodnon take on the Batchoy by Continue reading