Ligao-worthy Pancit Sisig

In this modern age of foodies one trend that has been going on for quite some time is fusion of two separate dishes. As such, I have been familiar with Pancit Sisig from a popular modern Filipino restaurant here in the Metro.

However a friend of a friend inquired if I have already tried Bicol’s own variety of Pancit Sisig which she would swear is the best pancit there is. I assumed that she would have a biased opinion for it since her province is also Bicol, but that claim is enough for me to get to try it as well.

On the same journey from Naga to Legazpi, the van we were riding via Iriga is passing by the town of Ligao in the province of Albay. As this pancit fusion dish is fairly new, there are still only a couple of restaurants serving them as far as my research is concerned. We opted to go to La Terraza restaurant since it is situated near a tourist attraction – Kawa Kawa Hill.

the Church at Kawa-Kawa Hills

Kawa Kawa Hill is a religious pilgrimage site of sorts for Christians. It has a vast Catholic church which was still under construction during our visit and life-sized statues of the Stations of the Cross.

ligao mayon
View of Mt. Mayon on our walk towards the foot of Kawa-kawa Hill, Ligao City

Pancit Sisig of La Terraza was truly a dish to behold. It is made of al-dente egg noodles cooked in a flavorful sauce loaded with generous amounts of diced carrots, tomatoes, onions, grean onions and crispy pork bits. The highlight of this delicious dish, the serving which is enough to fill three people is only priced at Php.100. I can now understand why it could be one of the best pancit all over Bicol.

pancit sisig
La Terraza’s Pancit Sisig huge serving, generous toppings, delicious and affordable

Just a side note, when we left Naga for Legazpi, our friends in Naga called us up to inform us that the current Alert 3 warning level for the imminent eruption of Mt. Mayon was just raised to Alert level 4. Being from Manila, we were terrified of this news. Even though everyone we talked to assured us that the spewing of smoke and ashes is the usual behaviour or “eruption” of Mt. Mayon we decided to skip the Legazpi leg of our Pancit Trip and went straight to Gubat, Sorsogon instead for some beach bumming. It is always better to be safer. With that, this ends our Bicol Pancit Trip.

La Terraza Restaurant. Kawa-kawa Hills, Barangay Tuburan, Ligao City, Albay

Mt. Mayon at alert level 4 during our visit. Praise God for keeping us and the whole Bicol region safe!

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