Dinuguan in Bicol is Inulas

Another Bicolano Pancit dish I’m very curious about is Pancit Inulas. Inulas is the Bicolano term for dinuguan. I have asked about it from a number of friends whose province is Bicol, unfortunately they were unable to give any place recommendations to try it. Google and the social medias were also not helpful. One local who gave me a tip told me that while there are no restaurants or food joints serving it, it is a popular fare combination in the town of Iriga.

pancit bato w dinuguan
Soupy Pancit Bato, Bicolano Pork Dinuguan and Red Chillies

While this Bicol trip of mine also includes Legaspi and Sorsogon, I checked out a trusty map application and found out that Iriga is one of the towns we will be passing through, although it will not be on the exact route of Naga-Legaspi . And so from the van terminal in Naga, we rode a van going to Iriga and have decided to just take another van – Iriga-Legazpi. I asked the driver to drop us off at Iriga terminal thinking that it would be easier to ask an assistance from one of their tricycle drivers to drop us off a “Pancit Inulas” place.

pancit inulas
Pancit Inulas (topping the Inulas over the Pancit Bato) plus a couple of red chillies

Luckily, a tricycle ride would no longer be necessary as there are a number of eateries inside Iriga terminal itself that serves both Inulas (Dinuguan) and Pancit (Bato). Asking the manang about it, she explains that customers would order them separately and would just make the combination themselves. A small snack size bowl of plain Pancit Bato for 15Php and a bowl of Inulas for also 15Php.

The thin Pancit Bato noodles is served as a lightly flavoured soup then topping it with the inulas plus their ever so present red chillies is a simple sight to behold – a tiny representation of my relentless passion to get a taste of as many varieties of pancit as possible.

Eateries within the Iriga City bus terminal, Iriga City, Camarines Sur

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