Bicol’s Palabok Interpretation

Still at Casa Moderna is a very curious dish I was intrigued about – their “Special Palabok”. What’s special about it I asked their service crew – it has lechon! While their crispy and salty good Lechon Kawali perfectly complements their Pancit Bato or Pancit Guisado, I yet to experience a Palabok with Lechon. Short order is priced at Php.85, 10php additional on their “original” Palabok (without lechon).

palabok lechon
Casa Moderna’s Palabok with Lechon

Thick rice noodles similar to the ones used in Pancit Malabon is topped with a somewhat darker mixture of their palabok sauce then garnished with crushed chicharon, egg slices and roughly chopped lechon kawali – talk about cholesterol overload. While this fusion really made this dish special, I find it a little one-dimensional. Palabok without any seafood (shrimp or squid) , vegetable (petchay or green onions) or additional spices (toasted garlic) it has become very porky. Added the fact that the sauce is topped on the thick noodles rather than cooking them on the sauce somehow made it starchier than the palabok or Pancit Malabon I am used to. Calamansi is also a must for those who will order this pancit for a needed tanginess.

Casa Moderna. Elias Angeles St., Naga City, Camarines Sur


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