Naga’s Own Comfort Food


Lomi in Lipa, Batchoy in La Paz, Miki in Batac and in Naga- their own signature noodle soup is called Kinalas.

cely's kinalas
Aling Cely’s Kinalasan

A steaming bowl of its goodness is our first order of business during the Pancit King’s most recent travel last week to Bicolandia amidst the Mayon volcano’s unrest. Taking Cebu Pacific’s earliest flight from Manila brings us at Aling Cely’s Kinalasan for breakfast.

While it wasn’t my first time trying this dish, it was the first time I actually enjoyed it. When I first went to Cam Sur 7 years ago, I was able to try a pork variety of it at a different kinalasan. Cely’s offers the beef variety which is a lot meatier and has a bolder flavor than pork.

kinalas cely beef 2
Aling Cely’s (beef) Jumbo Kinalas

Kinalasan as they call the local eateries serving this Bicolano noodle soup may be found almost anywhere in Naga city. The meat of choice used are those from the pig or cow’s head which are also boiled for long hours – the byproduct of which is also for the soup’s actual stock. Thicker fresh miki are generally the noodle of choice. Aside from the interesting meat used, Kinalas is also unique for the gravy-like sauce topped on it. The stock itself is pretty bland and is somewhat balanced with this gravy together with calamansi and other condiments.

“Kinalas Jumbo” (80Php) is their most complete serving perfect to fill any hunger. It is served with a hard-boiled egg and topped with a spoonful of spring onions. Perfect partner for this bowl is “puto w/ cheese” (8Php per piece) or baduya – known in Manila as “maruya” which are lightly breaded bananas deep-fired on a stick (15Php per stick).

Aling Cely’s Kinalasan – Dimasalang St., Naga City, Camarines Sur

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