A couple of months ago, the Pancit King featured Bihon Tostado con Sarsa which he was able to try in Cavite. This time in Iloilo, he encountered an even more amazing dish; the Toasted Miswa.

I grew up in a household that makes use of misua (also spelled as miswa) as a key ingredient in soup dishes; misua with sardines, misua with patola and hibe or dried shrimps, misua in Batchoy Tagalog and misua with meatballs – otherwise known as Almondigas (more on this on a future post). And so when I was able to try Misua Guisado in Binondo, I was pretty amazed at how it was made – misua being a super thin and velvety form of noodles that when cooked has almost no texture left to it. As I’ve found out there is a unique technique in cooking it guisado which I will also be sharing in a future post.

toasted miswa 3
Toasted Miswa by Kong Kee Restaurant, Iloilo City

Going back to my Bihon Tostado experience in Cavite, I was pretty upset that the crunchy bihon noodles is somewhat bitter and over-cooked or “over-toasted”. Misua being finer and even more delicate than Bihon to be cooked perfectly with crunch to it – this I got to see. Amazingly Kong Kee restaurant in Calle Real, Iloilo City was able to deliver just that. Since I was only by myself, I only placed a half order (Php.105, whole order is Php.180). A very flat rounded sheet of the browned toasted noodles was semi-folded in half to create a half-moon shape with a tunnel of space in between. The mixture of pork, pork stomach, tiny shrimps, huge slices of vegetables -carrots, cabbage and patola cooked in a thickened guisado sauce is placed inside this crunchy “misua tunnel”. Its presentation is almost too photogenic to eat! The cook who prepared it has simply mastered its art. Upon tasting, the combination of flavors and textures of this dish is simply amazing! The noodles is very crunchy with no bitterness at all. A perfect 10 in my books for this crunchy noodle lumpia or savory Ilonggo variety crepe if you may!

Toasted Miswa by Kong Kee Restaurant, Iloilo City

PS Kong Kee is also serving Toasted Bihon, which as you may probably expect, would also be this amazing.


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