Bihon Tostado con Sarsa

Chefoo’s Pancit Bihon Tostado with Sarsa

During my Cavite food trip, having Pancit Tostado or Bihon Tostado was not really part of my itinerary. I commonly see “tostado” in the numerous panciteria in the Cainta-Antipolo area of Rizal and was thinking of just trying one out there. What caught my attention is that aside from the usual Pancit Bihon Tostado (Php.170), Chefoo, one of the oldest Filipino-Chinese restaurants in Cavite, is serving “Bihon Tostado con Sarsa“. By merely adding Php.10, you can now have the con Sarsa version (Php.180).

How to serve and eat

It was around lunch time of that Sunday and the restaurant is jam-packed with customers. After 20 minutes from ordering, our waiter served us a plateful of noodle crust and a serving bowl of what looked like chopsuey. As it turned out, Bihon Tostado is actually the crust or tutong of pancit and a very soupy version of chopsuey is the “Sarsa“. Underneath the crust are the cooked bihon noodles without any meat, veggies or garnishing. To eat this dish, you must first put the crust at your plate then some cooked noodles topped by the saucy chopsuey. I immediately munched on the noodle crust. As expected, it is indeed crispy however it is a little bitter as a result of it being “tostado“. Cooking bihon noodles this way is surely delicate to attain the perfect crisp without being overdone resulting in its bitter taste. I also wonder how they can tediously remove the crust in one piece. Eating only the cooked noodles in the middle is bland as it is only flavored with soy sauce. Combining the “tostado” and the “sarsa” gave me a very unique experience of eating this dish. However it becomes a tad too salty for me making a squeeze of calamansi over it a necessity.

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