The Precious Lusay

Finally, the last pancit dish I sampled during my Ilocos trip is Pancit Lusay of La Preciosa restaurant. This restaurant is one of Laoag’s popular food spots for tourists and locals alike. Aside from serving authentic Ilocano cuisine,they have cakes and other Filipino dishes as well.

La Preciosa Restaurant, Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Focussing on Ilocano pandit dishes, they also have Hibol (my last blog entry) and Miki (which I tried from other miki houses, another older entry). I found out about La Preciosa when I saw the interview of the owner on TV a couple of years ago and according to the owner, “Lusay” is actually the term they use for excess ends of fresh noodles – meaning their cut, shape and length may vary. Creatively the lusay noodles are cooked with popular Ilocano dishes as part of its ingredients; the meat is actually deconstructed Laoag longanisa, it is cooked with slices of tomato, onions and garlic grown locally and cooked with some bagoong – their version of which is made from fish instead of shrimp and is in liquid form. Overall the combination of ingredients work although the dish itself is a little on the salty side because of the bagoong and is also oily from the juices of the longanisa. Maybe adding a little more tomato or other kind of vegetable may make this dish even better. A short order of only Php.86 may already be shared by 2 persons, that’s value for money!

Pancit Lusay of La Preciosa

This concludes the Pancit King’s Ilocos Norte food trip. See you again next time as we travel and sample the noodles of another historic province, this time Cavite.

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