The Birth of a “king”, the Pancit King

1985, the year I was born in Pasig. Growing up, I’m just like any other kid living in the Metro, the only difference is, I grew up in a pancitan.Just like every Pinoy, rice is a staple in my diet but noodles comes very close at second. My grandmother started the take-home business in her house back in 1978.

The young “pancit king” manning the front of their pancitan business.

From famous instant noodles like Lucky Me and Nissin Ramen as quick fix when left with the nanny to lola‘s home cooked specialty of Pancit Malabon and mom’s signature Bihon Guisado for after-school merienda; from the potluck I’m bringing to school for linggo-ng-wika to special milestones and celebrations in the family, we were always having pancit on the table.

Fast-forward to today, I now manage the pancitan started by my lola and expanded by my parents. Around seven (7) years ago I developed a passion for travel. Unconsciously, trying out local versions of the pancit from the different regions and provinces of the Philippines I visited, has always been on my itinerary. It is very interesting for me to note the varieties; their history, unique ingredients, cooking methods, signature taste and more importantly their significance as part of our Filipino culture.

Join me as I explore and rediscover every corner of the archipelago through the pancit dishes we have, pancit dishes that truly reflects our being Pinoy.

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